How to find online weed dealer

How to find online weed dealer

In areas like California, Colorado and Washington where marijuana has been legalized, it is easy to find weed in stores. That is, cannabis stores or otherwise known as weed shops. However, for those people still living in the dark ages where weed is still illegal, such as Florida and Texas, finding a weed dealer can be tricky. This is why people have moved online to find green. It is surprising how when other people are online searching google, socializing and posting memes, others are buying weed.

When you buy weed online, one has to make the initial step of contacting the weed dealers so that they can do the hard work of getting the quality that one desires. One way of finding weed dealers in Ottawa is in articles pertaining weed such as the Hail Mary Jane site that give advice on weed sale. Stoners openly post in the comments sections that they are looking for someone around their areas to sell them weed. Since weed is illegal in some of those areas, the weed dealers then reply them via email.

There are also sites where one can find weed dealers. An example of such a site is flowerpwr online sources in Canada. This site also has its social media pages such as Instagram. People in countries like Canada where cannabis is legalized have an have an advantage here as they just have to order weed online in the comfort of their homes, and then the online weed store delivers to their doorstep. One however has to check the proximity of the source so as to reduce the cost of delivery.

In countries where weed is prohibited, one has to be careful and learn some rules involved when buying weed. These are, firstly, knowing the slang for weight such as Nicks, Dimes and Duos. Secondly, one has to be discreet as possible and avoid asking things like, “do you have any weed?” rather, use questions like, “what’s up? Got any?”. Lastly, one has to try as much as possible to get the weed for himself from the dealer rather than sending someone.

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