Writing Tools for a Perfect Social Media Post

How to write long tweets? How do I write a quality social media post? These questions often strike the minds of writers, especially the ones who have just joined the writing industry and do not know much about how to come up with quality content. Experts from are of the view that the following tools are best for writing social media posts.


Do you want to write long tweets? It is one of the best writing tools for social media enthusiasts. One of the core problems this tool will solve for you in that it will allow you to write long tweets. It is a common observation that the characters of a single tweet are not more than 140, but with WriteRack, you can write long tweets and can engage more and more people without any major issue. You can use this tool to create posts for Linkedin and Facebook, coming up with the expectations of your customers.


It is one of the finest tools for writing content plan. With Grammarly, you can check the quality of content and can fix grammatical or spelling errors. It’s safe to say that Grammarly is one of the most trusted and widely used grammar-checking software. If you do not have time to edit and proofread the work, then you may try this program to avoid disgrace, and shame which may come across when you submit or publish the content that is full of spelling mistakes or is plagiarized.

In conclusion, both of these tools are well versed and can be used free of cost. However, if you want to avail some excellent options and features, then you may try the paid version of Grammarly.

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